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Highlighted Products Of The Week

Bridal Gifts

Need the perfect gift for the future mrs? We offer countless gifts and bridal sets with many colors to choose from. Great to wear on a honeymoon or simply to bed! 

womens bodysuit, cute bodysuit

Weekend Vibes Bodysuit

Who doesn't love wearing bodysuits all summer long? I mean come on ladies, who's with me? When the suns out, I LIVE in them! Pair this with a cute pair of shorts and flops - you're ready to go

Three Zip Codes, One Heart

We have partnered with the East Providence Chamber of Commerce with these amazing new t-shirts. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the work of assisting the city's small businesses!

Personalized Gift Ideas

Are you the kind of person who orders a grande, triple, half sweet, non-fat, no foam, caramel latte at 120 degrees? Maybe you're not that extreme. But either way, you do you! We specialize in custom, personalized creations, no matter the occasion!

For the Ladies

Is your bestie getting married? Get her a personalized shirt to celebrate the occasion. Or maybe instead, she is nearing the end of a messy divorce. Give her a one-of-a-kind shirt and take her out to celebrate when it's over.

A girls' trip is a great occasion to purchase something fun for your favorite ladies. Choose a fun theme, wrap them in some pretty packaging, and hand them out when you make it to your destination. Your personalized gift makes for a fantastic photo opportunity, and they are so much fun to wear as a group for a night out. The right shirt will help to solidify what is sure to be a memorable trip, and you and your friends are sure to continue to wear them long after return from your get-a-way.

Men and Children

Women aren't the only ones who appreciate personalized tees, though. Your husband, brother, father or son will look great in their future, favorite tee no matter the event. Whether the man in your life loves camping, the holidays, or rocking a special tee that compliments yours, there is an option for every interest and personal taste. A personalized tee shirt gives him something he probably wouldn't get on his own but would appreciate and wear frequently.

Another great personalized gift idea is to purchase shirts in lieu of silly party favors for birthday parties and sleepovers. Don't waste your money on trinkets and goodie bags that your child's friends will never touch again. Give them a personalized shirt that will commemorate the occasion and can be worn again and again.

Custom Creations

We have you covered for nearly every scenario. But if you have an event we haven't captured, or if your creative juices are flowing and you want to give full expression to your inner fashionista, we encourage you to go full-blown original and create your very own shirt, gift, or accessory. If you need help with your creation, we can walk you through the design process.

Personalized apparel allows you to do you. And why shouldn't you? We think you're pretty awesome! So, find the perfect item to communicate your personal brand to the world and wear it proudly. Contact us with all your questions!