Kids grow up fast. One second they’re in diapers, and the next, they’re celebrating their Sweet Sixteen! It’s only natural that you want to make every birthday special, but some birthdays get that extra flair over others.

Birthday shirts are great for those big days when you want to live up your #SquadGoals with matching outfits.

Whether you’re planning a camping trip or a fun sleepover, custom birthday shirts provide uniform sleepwear or the option to mix and match.

There are tons of designs to choose from at Up2ournecksinfabric, and we offer great deals year-round. Here’s why you should grab one of our shirts below.

Shirts With A Touch of Sass


Most birthday shirts you find online have the stereotypical “Happy Birthday” or “Birthday Boy/Girl” on the front or back. We think birthday queens — and kings — deserve way more than this, so we got creative. Here are some faves among our customers and when they work best:

  • “Sleepover Squad” T-shirt for slumber parties
  • “Thirty AF” T-shirt for a girls’ trip
  • “Birthday vibes” sleeveless top for a day at the beach
  • “Legal AF” T-shirt for a casual bar night after turning 21
  • “Staying in Is the New Going Out” T-shirt for a homebody who spent their birthday on the couch

Tees That Are Appropriate All Year Round


Throwing a bit of humor into our designs means that many of them are appropriate all-year-round.

For instance, the person who gets that “Legal AF” shirt will be over 21 for a lifetime to come. We also provide shirts based on birth months and astrological signs.

Apparel that Fits all Genders


Without a doubt, most of our shoppers are girls and women. However, we’ve seen a few Dads, uncles, and brothers join the Slumber Squad and give the ladies some real competition.

Our T-shirts are unisex and are flattering for all genders. We provide size charts so you can go beyond the ambiguous letter sizes to figure out what fits who best.

Find Additional Personalized Gifts


Personalized birthday T-shirts aren’t all you’ll find in this section of our store. Keep an eye out for our stuffed elephants featuring a choice of blue or pink ribbons and accents.

These are ideal for first-birthday gifts that children can hold on to for years to come. Personalize the elephant to add your baby’s name and make it truly special.

So, which birthday top are you getting from Up2ournecksinfabric this year? While you make up your mind, check out what our customers have had to say about buying from us so far.   

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